Harvesting saffron in Tasmania - image courtesy of Tas-Saff Pty Ltd

How is saffron taken?

Saffron has been used as a spice, for thousands of years - mixed and cooked in many recipes and many cuisines. It has also been mixed with other exotic plants, in traditional medicines, for everything from melancholia to stomach pains.

To test it scientifically and clinically, it is necessary to eliminate the variation of cooking (however delicious) and prepare measured doses, by regulated manufacturing practice.

Our product - Sativus Pure - contains high quality saffron, but it is simply the ancient spice, prepared carefully, in a capsule form.

Can I just eat saffron?

Yes of course; and it may be cheaper than rigorously prepared tablets and capsules.

A couple of factors might influence you, nevertheless, to take it in tablet or capsule form - though the pleasure of the spice is not there. The first is consistency of source and preparation; and the second is the need to take saffron over long periods - weeks to get an effect, and indefinitely to stabilize the effect.

But yes, you can just eat saffron. 5 - 10 strands are equivalent to one Sativus Pure capsule. We suggest you avoid heating it (e.g. in saffron tea), lest active molecules become denatured.